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Registration and wholesaler status


Viewing of the wholesaler's products is available to all users residing on the site.

  • The main (wholesale) prices, are the prices of the products offered by our wholesaler, which are used to process orders. Wholesale prices are displayed in the main elements of the page (on the product list and on the product card), are available only to registered companies with active wholesaler status. 
  • Suggested (list) prices, are prices visible only on the product card, available to all users residing on the site.


In order to fully gain the ability to perform any actions on our wholesale site (such as placing orders) and access to wholesale prices, there are several steps we need to follow to verify the company:

  1. Company registration on our site - as on many other portals, this is the process of creating an account. Here you need to provide basic information such as company name, tax ID, email address, first and last name and login information. This will provide you with an account for your company on our site, which in later stages will facilitate communications and configurations on the part of the wholesale service. Additional options, is a shopping list, in which you can place and store any number of products indefinitely (in the case of people not logged in, it disappears after 24 hours).
  2. Obtaining the status of a wholesaler (contact us) - registering on the website does not indicate the acquisition of wholesaler status. To obtain wholesaler status, please contact us at: or fill out the contact form where, by providing the name of your company, you send a request to obtain the status of a wholesaler. It takes about 1-3 business days for the request to be processed. Wholesaler status gives you the ability to view products with wholesale prices and allows you to place orders.


Information on returns and complaints can be found at Terms and conditions, section 5.


As part of our offer, it is also possible to automatically integrate your store with a dropshipping wholesaler. Dropeo's automatic integrator will do all the tedious and time-consuming work for you. It will add the indicated products to your store by itself, transfer photos, descriptions, variants and features, and then start regularly updating their inventory and prices.

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